MRCC EdTech Case Studies – Our Customer Success Stories
Building an Interactive Online Learning Platform

In 2010, the client wanted to create an online learning platform with courses, textbooks, eTextbooks, and digital tools to enable online learning. They wanted to create impactful educational content that would make it easy for the students to understand abstract concepts.

A Case Study on MRCC EdTech’s Medical Simulation

The healthcare industry needs nursing professionals with interdisciplinary skills and expert patient care skills to create the best possible patient outcomes. Nurses need to work efficiently and expertly to navigate clinical complexities in the dynamic hospital environment. Medical universities and nursing institutions prioritize practical learning and competency-based curricula.

LMS for a leading company providing training and certification for medical interpretation

The client is an important and leading certification body for medical transcriptionists. They certify and qualify professionals in the healthcare industry who focus on accuracy and precision for transcription jobs. The client is an enabler in creating medical documentation, which is crucial for patient care in the healthcare industry.

Adopted Mobile-First Approach for Online

The client is a not-for-profit, independent affiliate of Client. The platform publishes many articles, books, case studies, simulations, videos, learning programs, and digital tools to reach organizations, subscribers, and social media followers. The publisher bridges the gap between academicians and enterprise professionals through publications.

FQA and CQA of Online Books – With MRCC QA Services, Quality Cannot be Comprised

The client is one of the largest education companies in the world, holding an essential position in the global education landscape. They offer a wide range of courses to K12 and higher education students. They play a pivotal role in shaping the academic journeys of countless students.

Developing Interactive Courses to Engage K12 Students Better

The client is one of the premier online educational institutions in the United States. As one of the largest online schools, their commitment to excellence in virtual learning is unwavering. They cater to a diverse community of learners who want personalized educational experiences.

Analytics in Education Making Sense of Student Data and Royalty Payments

The client is a leading higher education publisher committed to offering online educational students tailored to university students. Their commitment to educational excellence positions them as a trusted resource for educators and learners. They host many courses for their university-level students.

MRCC EdTech enhances the learning experience with GeoGebra interactives for a Higher Ed Publisher

The client is a prominent higher education publisher with a strong focus on innovation and technology-driven solutions. They specialize in providing comprehensive educational materials for various subjects, including science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Comprehensive eLearning for Higher Grad
Comprehensive eLearning for Higher Grad

The client’s flagship product Eduspace was enabled with an online learning environment that was replete with eBooks, end-of-chapter questions, assessments, learning paths, etc. It was rendered using the Blackboard Learning System, and supported...

Providing QA Services to a Leading Educational Publishing Group
Providing QA Services to a Leading Educational Publishing Group

The client needed to test 2019 live courses designed for school students, covering various subjects within two weeks. The online course content was facing performance issues, which had to be identified and fixed rapidly as a high priority...

Providing Course Development Services to a Leading Online School
Providing Course Development Services to a Leading Online School

The client is a leading online school, dedicated to personalized learning, has more than 180 courses ranging from Algebra to AP Art History and everything in between. Client needed to recreate their media assets to make them 508 compliant.

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