Netvidya - The Ultimate Content Authoring and LMS Platform

Limitless Learning Possibilities

Our state-of-the-art platform, Netvidya, allows for complete customization and seamlessly integrates authoring, distribution, assessments, and reporting features into one user-friendly system. With Netvidya, you can design individualized curricula that meet the specific requirements of your students while tracking their progress through rigorous evaluation tools. With access to real-time data and metrics, you will be able to ensure simple administration, efficiency, and transparency. By utilizing Netvidya for all your content authoring and distribution needs, you can produce outcomes and streamline your eLearning platform for students of all ages.

Important Functions of Netvidya, Our Digital Learning Platform

Content authoring platform - NetVidya - MRCC EdTech Content authoring platform - NetVidya - MRCC EdTech
Digital content distribution - NetVidya - MRCC EdTech Digital content distribution - NetVidya - MRCC EdTech
Digital assessment platform - NetVidya - MRCC EdTech Digital assessment platform - NetVidya - MRCC EdTech
Analytics and reporting - NetVidya - MRCC EdTech Analytics and reporting - NetVidya - MRCC EdTech

Functionalities of the Netvidya Learning Platform

Whether it’s managing curriculum, authoring content, distributing courses, or creating insightful data, the incorporation of Netvidya into your workflow can provide a cost-effective and flexible path toward embracing a new era of learning.

  • Game-based curriculum design
  • Immersive and interactive content development
  • Personalized competency-based instruction
  • Virtual classroom management
  • Individualized dashboards
  • Quality control (QC) and preview before publishing
  • White label platform
  • Skill gap analysis and reporting
  • Content authoring platform
NetVidya - Digital Content Authoring Platform Dashboard - MRCC EdTech
  • Advance content management
  • Online assessment platform for students
  • KPI-based learning plans
  • Mobile-friendly development with testing
  • DEI and accessibility review technology
  • Safe and reliable integrations
  • Cloud and on-premises deployment
  • Instructor training and support
  • eLearning management

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How Netvidya Works

How NetVidya LMS works How NetVidya LMS works

Why Netvidya?

Utilizing the Netvidya content authoring and learning management system for schools, universities and publishers can help unlock the academic potential of your students.

  • Interactive dashboards with individualized and engaging designs
  • Automation tools for faster customization
  • Competency matrix set up to empower learners
  • Gamified schemes for increased engagement
  • Data management and actionable insights
  • Personalization of content with QC
  • Customizable digital assessment platform
  • Support and refinement for corporate LMS
  • Responsive output
NetVidya learning management system by MRCC EdTech

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