LMS for a leading company providing training and certification for medical interpretation

The Client

The client is a leading company that provides training and certification for medical interpretation. They certify and qualify professionals in the healthcare industry who focus on accuracy and precision for transcription jobs. The client is an enabler in creating medical documentation, which is crucial for patient care in the healthcare industry. The client offers cultural-linguistic services to multiple sectors, such as healthcare, education, legal, and business. With their service, they bridge language and cultural gaps to ensure a seamless flow of critical medical information across industries.

Business Requirements

The client was managing a virtual campus, offering different types of course content for its students. To keep up with the latest technologies, the client wanted a complete transformation of their existing course offerings with a better and easier management system. They needed to upgrade the existing system with new integrations, accommodating new teaching and management systems. The primary requirement was to create an easy-to-use interface that is flexible and scalable.
The client partnered with MRCC to create a robust, scalable, adaptable, and flexible platform that could evolve with changing educational needs. The MRCC team worked on creating an LMS platform that provides personalized learning experiences for end users and enables easy access to content and analytics for administrators.

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