Case Study on MRCC EdTech's Medical Simulation

The Client

The healthcare industry needs nursing professionals with interdisciplinary skills and expert patient care skills to create the best possible patient outcomes. Nurses need to work efficiently and expertly to navigate clinical complexities in the dynamic hospital environment. Medical universities and nursing institutions prioritize practical learning and competency-based curricula.

Business Requirements

Nursing examinations test students not only on their theoretical competencies but also on their hands-on skills in surgical invention and patient care. In the real world, there is no margin for error. The common challenges that medical and nursing training institutions face are:
  • Limited clinical placement opportunities to practice clinical skills
  • Lack of safe space for medical students to learn from their mistakes No standardized training modules
  • Lack of high-risk or rare medical scenarios for practicing critical skills
  • Time constraints of traditional clinical rotations
  • No assessment and feedback mechanism to reflect on crucial training
  • Inadequate interpersonal collaboration and learning
  • Insufficient scenarios to work on ethical dilemmas
  • No standardized assessment for clinical competency skills
  • Compatibility issues with LMS platforms

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