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Interactive Content

Enhance engagement levels and captivate students with a variety of content formats such as simulations, games, animations, and videos.

Solutions - MRCC EdTech

Online Course Development

Design and transform your courses for the digital medium, with end-to-end project management.

Solutions - MRCC EdTech

Immersive Learning

Utilize the latest in technology to build virtual learning environments through AR, VR, and MR.

Solutions - MRCC EdTech

Curriculum Development

Design curriculum that aligns with your academic objectives, through authoring, SME engagement, and compliance monitoring.

Solutions - MRCC EdTech

Accessibility and DEI

Formulate inclusive and accessible content to improve academic absorption and bridge any learning gaps.

Solutions - MRCC EdTech


Ensure student growth with personalized, data-driven assessments that simplify the evaluation process.

Solutions - MRCC EdTech

Adaptive learning

Discover individualized learning pathways and create academic courses that are suited to the individual requirements of each student.

Solutions - MRCC EdTech


Incorporate the nuances of the current academic environment with game designs that can simulate individualized learning experiences.

Solutions - MRCC EdTech

Editorial services

Use the expertise of automation tools and seasoned professionals to improve the precision and quality of your content.

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