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Conceive, Design, and Administer All Forms of Online Assessments

Tracking the progress in a student’s learning journey is a fundamental consideration for K–12 and higher education institutions and even edtech companies. To have a truly effective course or program, you need to employ digital assessment solutions, including adaptive learning, formative and summative assessment in education, and other standards-based assessments.

Summative and formative assessment solutions


  • Build assessments specific to nursing, medical, healthcare, criminal justice and law, business, finance and accounting, statistics, math, science, world languages, and even for HSS.
  • Identify the objectives and challenges of your educational content.
  • Undertake rigorous testing and feedback to ensure quality control.
  • Access tools, like the question bank generator, to allow faster modifications.
  • Conduct analysis of the data and generate reports.

Ensure a Strategic Learning Outcome

Learning requires that students are engaged and enthused. This is something you can understand by assessing what stage the learner is at and what form of intervention is required. Creating and administering interactive game-based and video assessments can give you instant feedback and data to change your strategy. This can take on the shape of

assessment in higher education
  • Strengthening adaptive learning.
  • Individualized feedback and support for students.
  • On-demand learning, while identifying and filling learning gaps.
  • Evaluation of soft skills like critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and more.
  • Deploying collaborative assignments and assessments to foster DEI through peer learning.
  • Making strategic decisions regarding assessment formats and instruction.

Are you ready to drive better learning outcomes?

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