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Design, Develop, Deploy Your Online Course

Online course development requires a transformation of content, activities, and teaching methods, which is no small feat. It can almost seem mandatory in today’s digital environment, where content is consumed on multiple devices. MRCC’s course development services can help utilize the building blocks of your content and construct effective e-learning courses for both K-12 and higher education.

elearning course development


  • Chunk and curate content based on target audience and learning objectives.
  • Create course content with the help of SMEs.
  • Plan and develop visual, audio, and instructional elements.
  • Create formative and summative assessments.
  • Build content natively on LMSs or using proprietary content authoring tools.
  • Test for functional QA, accessibility, DEI, and Quality Matters (QM).
  • Review course performance, gather feedback, and conduct maintenance checks.

Taking Learning to the Next Level

Online course development might involve building a course from scratch or amplifying existing courses through enhancements, consultations, and updates. Courseware solutions should match your goals to better navigate the dynamic field of academia. It can help you

courseware solutions
  • Impact a wider and more diverse audience of learners.
  • Create courses that are fresh and engaging.
  • Modernize your current courses, keeping them updated and compatible.
  • Build high-quality courses that serve a wide array of learning styles.
  • Incorporate a variety of teaching methods while upskilling educators.
  • Include immersive learning solutions to create improved levels of student engagement.

Design engaging and inclusive student-centric online courses

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