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Foundational Solutions for Better Learning Outcomes

Education is evolving, with a larger focus on student development and online learning for schools. This presents a challenge for K-12 content development as school districts shift and adjust to changing guidelines, technological gaps, and a lack of personalized tools. Using digital K-12 solutions can be a proactive way to maximize your student’s learning potential.

K-12 Course Development

End-to-end designing and deployment based on competitive guidelines.

Faculty Support

Training and assistance for teachers, allowing the increase of technology and tool adoption.

Immersive and Interactive Content

Create interactive, tech-based strategies to keep students engaged.

DEI and Accessibility

Read and review services to ensure inclusion and course compliance for all learners.

Most Common Questions and Answers

Our K-12 assessment solutions, which include formative, summative, and other standardbased checks, help us to accomplish this. Utilization of tools like question bank generators and a ready-made library of 200k+ assessment questions allow for need-based customization.

We can create immersive learning environments for schools’ online courses using video, audio, quizzes, infographics, simulations, and even 360° walkthroughs. Our experts help match this to the technological requirements of your institution.

We formulate comprehensive learning solutions for K12 digital curriculum that can be tailored to meet the specific learning needs of individual students.

Platform migration and content modernization are key pillars of digital education we achieve through analysis, extraction, optimization, and testing. Working with SMEs can assist in streamlining the process to ensure learning outcomes.

We conduct accessibility audits, combined with DEI reads and review for inclusive curriculum development. Maintaining compliance with international and local guidelines can ensure quality digital products.

Discover Compelling K-12 Education Solutions from MRCC

Remove obstacles in your student’s journey by creating personalized learning experiences with digital solutions with MRCC

Curriculum and course development

  • Curriculum alignment
  • End-to-End course development
  • Adaptive learning
  • QA testing and checks
  • Authoring tools
  • Standards based content creation (CCCS, NGSS, etc.)

Media and immersive learning

  • Gamification
  • Illustrations
  • Animation and simulations
  • Demo, test, try activities
  • Legacy platform conversion

Automation and tools

  • LMS migration
  • Metadata checks
  • Data analysis
  • School ERP platform

Subject matter experts

  • Localization and globalization
  • Assessments
  • SME engagement
  • Editorial services

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