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A New Standard in QA Content

The aim of quality assurance (QA) is to empower K-12 schools, universities, publishers, and edtech companies to deliver affordable, high-quality course content with enhanced learning experiences. A lack of adequate tools, unreliable testing environments, and inaccurate data can negatively impact your academic content.

A holistic approach that encompasses both content and functional QA is necessary for better results. This comprises content mapping, accessibility QA, content validation, API testing, LMS testing, performance testing, and even security testing.


At MRCC, quality is at the core of all we do. 20+ years of experience in managing content and functional QA has helped us design intelligent processes and quality assurance solutions for content.

We assure:

Data validation

Discovering, harvesting, structuring, and analyzing data to increase productivity, reduce costs, and ensure regulatory compliance.

DEI and accessibility

Ensure that your material reaches a diverse array of students through DEI read and review services and accessibility testing.


Automation testing tools improve reliability and security with checks that include cross-browser, OS, and device compatibility.


Our testing includes content, functional, metadata, performance, security, regression, retesting, cross-platform, Quality Matters (QM).

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