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Solutions for Next-Generation Digital Learning in Education

Discover your niche in a competitive market where there is a constant emergence of innovative edtech learning companies. Today, it is necessary to scale quickly while maintaining quality, but challenges exist within the sector. Institutional resistance to new technology, constantly changing technical requirements, and the allocation of finances warrant a look at digital solutions that are tailored to your edtech needs.

Immersive Content

Leverage various tech stacks, content solutions, and gamified learning that are built for AR, VR, and MR.

Most Common Questions and Answers

We conduct rigorous testing of accessibility features in compliance with international and local guidelines, including alt-text, closed captions, audio and video descriptions, metadata, and content structure. In addition to expert read and review services, we have web and mobile testing, ADA testing, JAWS testing.

We leverage 20+ years of expertise to design psychometric games and conceptual games for academic audiences. We also have learning labs and gamification-based assessments that can assist in refining your edtech learning services.

We have a variety of specialists and resources that can help identify the needs of individual students and modify the courses to suit them. Ongoing testing and feedback are key in achieving better learning outcomes.

We conduct testing for content and technology with a comprehensive approach that involves content validation, performance testing, accessibility testing, LMS testing, security testing, and automation QA.

We use automation tools to conduct data analysis and map the entire content structure of your existing platform. We collaborate with SMEs, modernize your content, and gradually migrate it to the new platform with minimal disruption to learning.

Facilitate Tech-Based Learning With MRCC

Modernize your academic content to make it accessible to a larger audience of learners with MRCC’s edtech solutions, which include

Curriculum and courses

  • Customized development and alignment
  • Authoring tools and editorial services
  • Adaptive learning

Creative services

  • Video production
  • Simulation
  • Interactive content development

Content integration

  • LTI development
  • Platform and course migration
  • LMS course package creation


  • LMS and CMS
  • Custom applications
  • Tools creation

Looking to better learning engagement and outcomes?

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