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Game-based learning, which involves embedding game characteristics, mechanics and principles into learning activities and modules, is a powerful method to engage with students and make education enjoyable. Solutions for gamification in education can help simulate real-life situations, encourage healthy competition, and create accessible content for different learning styles.

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  • Identify the goals of the course or learning module.
  • Building a structure for the gamified lessons based on audience research.
  • Creating a narrative and a feedback mechanism within the games.
  • Select the type of gamification and features for the desired outcome.
  • Use automation tools to simulate game structure for testing and QA.

It’s All Fun and Games

Gamification is an extremely useful learning strategy to help students understand and retain knowledge. Most students feel at ease in a gaming environment, and when these games are created with thought, artistry and subject matter expertise, it can:

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  • Aid in cognitive development and promote goal-based learning
  • Increase learning engagement and retention in classes
  • Offer real-time feedback to students based on their performance
  • Connect learners to real-world problems and real-world applications in a risk-free environment
  • Create healthy competition and collaboration between students

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