Why Netvidya Moodle Makes Sense for LMS

Sep 8 2023

Why Does NetVidya/Moodle Make the Most Sense for Association/Society as LMS?

Pranalee Navalkar: Associate Director
Pranalee Navalkar

Associate Director

As the EdTech industry becomes competitive by sprouting online training courses, how can your association continue to lead? The right learning management solution (LMS) can help your business gain an advantage and is a strategic business decision that can determine the success of your association. The LMS will help you to seamlessly access online training materials and extend the capabilities of your training programs. With so many LMS tools available, how do you choose the right one?

Features to Look for in an LMS 

Associations have members from different backgrounds with varying training needs. You must be able to provide meaningful and impactful learning journeys for your members from various demographics. Your members should be able to access the training programs with little technical expertise. Some features to look for while choosing LMS are:

  • Ease of use
  • Accessibility
  • Personalization options
  • Integration with association platforms
  • Security of intellectual and member data
  • Custom reporting and analytics
  • Customer support

Moodle LMS Features 

Association members look for continuous professional development through training and certification programs. To meet such demands, your organization must upgrade training materials and offer the latest certification programs, micro-credentials, and badges suitable for your members. Finding the LMS that suits your business model will help you deliver online learning to all members. With more than 200 million users worldwide, Moodle is named a leader by G2 for its market presence and user satisfaction. This open-source platform has a global community and supports customizable learning solutions. Moodle enables educators with technology to deliver online courses effectively. It is widely used by corporations, businesses, non-profits, hospitals, and societies that provide online training and education. Some reasons for the popularity of Moodle are:

  • Customizable open-source platform
  • Cost-effective learning solution
  • Ease of integration with organization functions
  • Flexible, user-friendly interface
  • Blended learning features
  • Automatic assessment and testing tools
  • Tracking and reporting modules
  • Security assurance
  • Feature-rich plugins for multiple learning needs

How NetVidya Integrates the Best of Moodle? 

When implementing Moodle, you need a technology partner to integrate the necessary features and host on the cloud. MRCC’s NetVidya is a Moodle-based state-of-the-art learning solution with authoring, distribution, assessment, reporting, and security capabilities under a single platform. If your association is looking for an efficient, transparent, and simple LMS solution, NetVidya can streamline LMS operations and increase learning outcomes.

Flexibility and Customization 

One of the first questions you must ask when looking for LMS is how easily you can customize course content and effectively manage members of different needs. NetVidya enables you to segregate members based on location, interests, expertise, professional level, etc. You can quickly create distinct learning paths for your members. You can customize the LMS to include your organization’s branding, including style, logos, and colors. With modular architecture, NetVidya allows customization to add or remove plugins, themes, and other tools. You can easily create online learning material through a powerful course creation engine to develop interactive and engaging content using multiple resources. If you have established other systems, such as CRM, for your organization, you can integrate NetVidya readily.

E-Commerce Integration

You would want your LMS with preloaded e-commerce features when you sell online training programs and courses. NetVidya provides payment gateways and shopping cart systems so that you can efficiently distribute coupons and discounts to your members. The invoicing capability of NetVidya streamlines sales and marketing processes. Using your branded LMS tool, you can manage memberships, subscriptions, and more.


The LMS system must perform at top efficiency, whether you have 1,000 or 100,000 members. You expect your organization to grow, and the LMS system must be easily scalable. It must support personalized learning paths for all your current and future members without compromising on security or performance. NetVidya’s design clearly separates application layers, making way for scalable setups. It can be deployed on a single server or cluster of servers based on your unique needs.


Don’t you want to support members with different learning abilities across multiple devices? NetVidya presents an inclusive and accessible platform that all your members can easily access regardless of location, disability, device, or internet speed. It has a responsive design that also caters to the needs of lesser-abled members. Your members can also access training material offline from any device.

NetVidya follows WCAG 2.1 guidelines, ATAG 2.0 guidelines, and ARIA 1.1 recommendations, so it can be used with multiple assistive technologies like magnifiers, screen readers, keyboards, and more. With multilingual support, your members can get access to training material in their language, which will also amplify learning outcomes.

Cost-Effectiveness and Sustainability 

Are you spending too much on LMS solutions? There is no need to choose between pay-per-user, subscription-based, or one-time payment for features you don’t use. NetVidya provides a cost-effective LMS solution based on the Moodle platform with optimized implementation, maintenance, and support costs. Based on your needs, we can install NetVidya on the cloud or on-premises servers. Choose the features you want and pay only for what you need. We upgrade your LMS platform based on your growing business needs.

NetVidya Case Study

A leading training institute wanted to streamline its virtual campus and enable the integration of new teaching and management systems. They wanted to extend their cultural-linguistic offerings to cover multiple verticals like healthcare, education, legal, and business.

The customized NetVidya platform added the following features: 

  • User registration in eligible courses
  • E-Library for better navigation and searching of courses
  • Self-nomination to reduce the intervention of human staff
  • Payment gateway to smooth out the transactional processes
  • Certificate generation to mark the completion of the course

As a result, the institute reached a 20% growth, easily managing 10,000 virtual classrooms for each academic year.


You can empower your members to embrace a new learning era with an advanced curriculum, custom-designed courses, immersive training material, and engaging content with NetVidya. Gamify course material to increase engagement, design customized competency-based assessments, and manage virtual classrooms with assured security using NetVidya’s e-learning management. If you want a cost-optimized, integrated, and customized LMS solution, explore Moodle-based NetVidya from MRCC.

Interested in upgrading your association’s services to attract new members? Schedule a demo with NetVidya experts to make a difference in your EdTech offerings.

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